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Legal consultation by Videoconference

Consult with a lawyer regarding issues that can be resolved at the time of the interview, not exceeding half an hour by appointment. Do it with the comfort from wherever you are via Skype, Hangouts or by phone

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Simple note from a farm

The simple note is a succinct extract of the content of the entries relating to the property, where the identification of the property, the identity of the owner or owners of the rights registered on it, and the extension, nature and limitations of these.


Bylaws or annual accounts

Get to know the bylaws of a specific commercial company or the annual accounts deposited in the Commercial Registry of a year and of the company that it requests


Legal consultation via web

Do you have any legal questions? Explain your problem through our form, and our lawyers by email will give you an answer within a maximum of 24 working hours.


Certification of Last Will Acts

If you want to know whether or not the deceased person granted a will, we obtain the corresponding certification.


Drafting of contracts and legal documents

Our lawyers write all kinds of legal contracts and legal documents online, and without any displacement on your part. Expose us in the form in detail the contract or letter or document you need.


General commercial information

Find out about a company its share capital, administrators, corporate purpose, special situations, acts registered in BORME ... We provide the commercial information of the Mercantile Registries requesting the complete report.

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