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Recreational boating, defined as all that private or commercial activity that takes place around yachts, constitutes a complex legal framework in which various disciplines are found. Advice in this branch of law requires extensive knowledge of maritime, civil, administrative, labor and tax regulation in various jurisdictions.   

Our department of maritime law and port law has extensive knowledge in the maritime sector in the following areas:

  • Transport of goods by sea in container.

  • Bill of lading.

  • Leasing of ships. Charter policies.

  • Construction, repair and conversion of ships.

  • Contracts for the sale of ships.

  • Naval mortgage and bank loans.

  • Approaches.

  • Towing and maritime salvage.

  • Maritime accidents.

  • Stowage and unloading.

  • Claims.

  • Loss, damage, destruction of cargo.

  • Insurance, marine reinsurance and P&I.

  • Vessel registration in any flag.

  • Vessel freezing.

  • Port terminals (containers and general cargo).

  • Port services and logistics.

  • Fishing law.

Our attorneys are widely trained to provide comprehensive advice to companies and private individuals.

Trust Lexgent Abogados as your Maritime and Transport Lawyer

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